Archiminima Structura Blocks Build Castles For 15mm Gaming

January 13, 2015 by brennon

If you're looking for some simple but effective looking Towers & Castles for your 15mm wargaming and indeed model railway use then see what you think of Archiminima Strutura's Kickstarter...

Block Design

This is how it starts out. These small blocks have been made to stay together thanks to gravity alone and with a little help from the small studs on the blocks. If you wish to glue the pieces together then you can but the blocks are also waterproof meaning you can always take them apart again if you like if you used starch glue to put them together.

Large Tower


Tower (15mm Scale Comparison)

The blocks then form together to create these structures above which include stand alone sets like these Towers and Castles (see below). You can also use the blocks to make the connector structures that help you build bigger modular terrain pieces.


Here's an example of one of the more intricate buildings made using the building blocks. As it stands the sets are made as small 'sets' which can be joined together although they are hoping to create single blocks in the future allowing you to be a bit more crazy with your designs and create individual complete pieces.

Extension Design

For example this is one of the big castle structures that they mocked up using the various smaller sets connected together to create a large complex. I think this looks like a nifty little piece of kit that could be very useful for people designing their tables as it allows them a lot of flexibility in how things look game after game.

What I find neat as well is that they've added lots of real structural detail including keystones for arches and even lots of interiors like stairways and such. I could see a very cool siege being played out atop the walls of these castles!

Check out the Kickstarter and let us know what you think!

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