More Aliens From Archon’s Chronicle X As Kickstarter Goes LIVE

December 18, 2017 by brennon

Live right now on Kickstarter, Archon Studio is ready to invade the planet with Chronicle X. You can get the chance to jump in on this game where you play heroes trying to stave off complete annihilation by the alien menace.

Chronicle X

Let's take a look at what's on offer through the Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Project

First up we have a look at what is contained within the Core Pledge...

Chronicle X Archon Kickstarter Details

Here's is the overview of the game from Archon themselves...

Chronicle X is a 2-7 player tactical board game, set in a Sci-Fi Retro 1980s, tasking players to either control the daring men and women that make up the military organization, Chronicle X, or the Overmind, a ruthless and cunning alien overseeing the invasion of Earth and the end of all human resistance.

The Chronicle X player(s) have a diverse group of heroes to choose from to form their squad, but must also manage the expansion of their base of operations, using what scraps and materials they can to secure a foothold on the planet. The Overmind player has a cadre of alien troops to choose from to overwhelm the Chronicle X players, ensuring they will never save Earth.

You can also see our chat with the designer behind the game HERE from the last Weekender show. There is also an Early Bird Special for those who have jumped in first with this Gray Master.

Gray Master Early Bird Special

So, if you get involved quickly within the first two days you could get your hands on a rather cool and unique Alien with which to bring to the board. They also have their eyes on stretch goals already and here are the first two for you to aim for.

First Stretch Goals - Chronicle X

I quite like that we're seeing some neat new options already for the Grays in the game's future and they also have some more crackpot heroes to throw into the mix which change things up between games. A mad scientist is always welcome when there are aliens involved.

Big Beasts & Cunning Commanders

The game does feature some awesome looking characters but it's the aliens that consistently catch our eye. Here, for example, we have one of the Devoli Ridgewalkers.

Devoli Ridgewalkers

These alien creatures have been harnessed by the Grays during their invasion of earth and are now sent out in packs to hunt down your poor hapless humans and rip them limb from limb!

Giving the orders there are also these Gray Commanders who are clad in a little more armour.

Gray Commanders

These commanders are ruthless and efficient. Such are the numbers of the Gray invasion force that while destroying one might ensure victory in the short term, there will soon be another willing to take their place.

Make sure to give the Kickstarter a look and see if this one is for you.

Drop your thoughts on the models below...

"...while destroying one might ensure victory in the short term, there will soon be another willing to take their place"

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