Arcknight Maps Out Your Role-Playing Experience

July 13, 2013 by brennon

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Arcknight have a neat little Kickstarter in the works for their Role-Playing Maps and they don't half look good. Check out some of the ideas below which you could be fighting on.

Cellar Map #1

Cellar Map #2

Above you can see the Cellar maps which have been finished with some nice lighting effects and plenty of cool ideas for situational combat. They have been made to create not just entrances and exits but also pillars and walls too simply by turning the sheets around.

Guarded Bridge

Early Stages Ship Map

As well as underground locations they are also looking to the outdoors too. After all not all our encounters happen in the middle of a dungeon. Above are their Guarded Bridge and Ship design although the second of those is in its early stages.

You might be thinking 'yeah but why does it have hexes?' and thankfully they have answered that question too. You can choose what you want to grid your maps with and they will tailor the final product to you. That's pretty neat I say.

Miniatures On Map

As you can see standard 28mm figures work well on the maps and it automatically looks like an exciting location to be fighting in. You can even tell the Rogue that he really is in shadows!

I think these look great and well worth a pledge.

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