ArcWorlde Enters its Final Week With a Giant Release

August 26, 2013 by dracs

Warploque Miniatures are beginning the countdown for the last 7 days of their ArcWorlde Kickstarter. And how are they celebrating their amazing success? Why, with an amazing giant model of course!

Giant WIP

Even as a WIP this giant model just knocks all others out of the park. Or stomps them flat under his enormous foot. At present work is still being done on the sculpt, specifically on the lower half, but the detail and grizzled character we can already see is truly something.


Yeah, I want this mini and now any one who is backing the ArcWorlde Kickstarter has the chance to get their hands on him by adding his price (see pictures) to their pledge.

What are you guys waiting for, there is only one week left so hurry over to Kickstarter and support Warploque Miniatures!

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