ArcWorlde’s Father Griffmass Delivers Dragon & Giant Pre-Orders

November 28, 2014 by brennon

You've seen and indeed heard about all three of these releases before but since the beginning of the week these new miniatures have been on pre-order from Warploque Miniatures for ArcWorlde. See what you think of Father Griffmas, their Fire Dragon Ancient and masterful Giant...

Father Griffmas & Coodolf the Griffon

Fire Dragon Ancient


As always a brilliant looking set of miniatures from the big to the small. I love the mighty Fire Dragon but the real gem is the Giant that we've all been really interested in since we first saw it back during the Kickstarter. I love the idea of Giants stomping around the battlefield and hopefully not getting shot by cannons in the process.

Father Griffmas is of course a good Yuletide offering for someone or indeed a present to yourself so if you like the look of him give it a go. I think with any other paint job other than red and white he'd make a good hero regardless of the clothing.

Have you jumped into ArcWorlde?

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