Behold the Beauty of Arcworlde’s Giantess

June 13, 2014 by dracs

Back when Warploque Miniatures held their Kickstarter to create the fantasy world of Arcworlde, some pledgers got the chance to design their own Arcworlde minis. Behold the first WIP of one of these, the lovely Giantess.

Giantess WIP

The Giantess here was designed by Marcus Lindemann, here to show you that it's not just the male Giants you need to be wary of.

This sculpt is a great, and very human looking giant, which nonetheless manages to be a bit disturbing with its proportions. It has the recognisable brutality of a giant, while still being obviously female, and will stand out well from other fantasy giants.

How do you think Warploque's backer designed giant looks?

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