Papa Nole Brings His Christmas Spirits To Warploque

December 11, 2017 by dracs

Warploque have released another pair of Christmas characters to celebrate the season, Papa Nole and his helper Pepe.

Papa Nole and Pepe

Here we have a greenskin obviously full of Christmas spirit, as evidenced by the bottle he is carrying. He and Pepe make quite a cheerful pair, although I'm not sure they'd be welcome at a work Christmas party.

They join the other Warploque Christmas set, Father Griffmas and Coodolf.

Father Griffmas

They are certainly a festive lot over at Warploque Miniatures and it's always nice to see miniatures like these as alternative gifts for tabletop gamers.

What do you think of Papa Nole? Which ArcWorlde seasonal set do you prefer?

"Here we have a greenskin obviously full of Christmas spirit..."

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