Warploque Aid Movember With a Mustachioed Mini!

October 8, 2014 by dracs

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The month of Movember is fast approaching, a time when all right thinking men attempt to grow a magnificent mustache to raise money for men's health, and Warploque Miniatures are making their own contribution in the form of a special mini.

Albionican Captain

This bearer of fantastic face fuzz is an Albionican Captain, and will be usable as such within the game of Arcworlde. However, all the proceeds of his sales will go straight to the Movember organisation, meaning not only are you getting a cool mini, you're getting it for a good cause.

Warploque have come up with a spiffing sculpt for this event, and it's encouraging to see them engaging in the charity in this way. I love this model, and will be very tempted to try and pick one up for myself. Maybe one day I will succeed in gaining a mustache as luxurious as his.

Are you going to be growing a mustache this Movember? What do you think of Warploque's mustache-bearing captain?

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