Warploque Launch Their Troubles In The North ArcWorlde Kickstarter

October 3, 2016 by brennon

Warploque Miniatures have now launched their Kickstarter for Troubles In The North, an expansion for the 32mm skirmish game, ArcWorlde.

ArcWorlde Troubles In The North

At the time of writing the campaign has already smashed through its funding goal and they are looking ahead to add-ons and more now. The focus is on making sure three new warbands come to life alongside the new book.

Here are the two main factions and the additional one unlocked by the campaign. Leading the way are the Njorsvald who fight very differently from their Southern cousins.


Once again, it's nice to see them embracing the Northern look with their axes and shields but with a slightly more up to date look, including the plate armour and such as well for their leader.

Following on from them we have their foes, the Dark Lords.

Dark Lords

I really like the design of the Dark Warlord and his Hobgoblins are very well sculpted too - the one picking his nose is my favourite. The little gibbering Underlings add a nice edge of the comedy to the force too.

As well as these two factions they've also unlocked and added the new Halfling force to their Kickstarter.


This is a neat set which helps you build upon the existing Halfling force. You could use some elements of the original warband and then add in those riders and the Halflings swinging around great weapons for that Northern touch.

Stretch Goals & Add-Ons

There's already plenty more unlocked for the campaign as noted above including some Swords For Hire.

Swords For Hire

While the Grim Goblin immediately drew my eye I think I'd love to see Krunk become a reality sooner rather than later. I'm happy with any excuse to unleash a Barbarian on the tabletop.

If you want something for Krunk to fight then they've also created some Trolls too.


That huge Sea Troll Bull is rather excellent and I like that its body and arms are different allowing it to do a bit of swimming. The big tusks might claim the lives of a few of your warband too.

What do you think of the offerings so far?

"I'm happy with any excuse to unleash a Barbarian on the tabletop..."

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