Warploque’s Jungle Gremlins Cast Their Funky Spells

February 18, 2014 by brennon

Warploque Miniatures continue to drop their little previews with a very little Gremlin, a Jungle Gremlin in fact. See what you think of this pint sized Shaman for ArcWorlde who looks like he'll be causing a lot more chaos than his size would suggest.

Jungle Gremlin Shaman

This funky little chap looks like someone has annoyed him (probably stole his favourite voodoo stick) and he is holding the skull of a previous enemy in a show of pint-sized power.

I think it's yet another fantastic little sculpt from the chaps behind ArcWorlde and as an added bonus those who backed the project should be getting all their goodies soon!

Jungle Gremlins rule!

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