Arena Rex Gets A New Gladiator From Red Republic Games

March 11, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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Red Republic Games has released a new gladiator for their game Arena Rex, Anum a Morituri Gladiator. This is one bad looking dude and his "little" dog is no picnic either. This 35mm miniature is in resing and does command attention.

Anum plays a unique role in the munera of Aegyptus.  The balance to the ritual and formula that otherwise dominates the sands of the region, Anum represents the chaos that pervades the world of life and death. Unbound by the strictures laid upon many of the other Morituri, his vitality and natural magnetism make him quite a draw for the women who frequent the spectacles.

Anum maintains his wild edge not by training with the beasts of the arena or other gladiators, but by constant engagements even outside the regular rites of his ludus.


This is a skirmish game for 3 to 6 miniatures per side and take place in the alternate history of the Roman Empire that did not collapse, but expanded its reach even further. This looks to be a really interesting game and I am looking forward to seeing it in person at Adepticon this year.

Have you played Arena Rex?

"This is one bad looking dude and his "little" dog is no picnic either..."

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