The Prototype Proximo Appears in Arena Rex

August 27, 2013 by dracs

In Arena Rex gladiators have far more to worry about than having to face simple beasts like lions, tigers or Russell Crowe. Now they must cower before the mighty monstrous form of Proximo!


Despite looking a bit like a bits box mash up you cannot deny that this Proximo prototype is certainly impressive, especially when you take into account that it is 100mm tall. That is quite a big monster to find yourself facing in the arena.

The one problem I might have with the sculpt as it is now is that the transition between the mammal body and reptilian does not look particularly smooth or believable, but this is most likely something which could be solved with a good paint job.

Still, I certainly wouldn't want to face it. As a great man once said, we who are about to die don't want to.

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