Ares Mythological Get Brutal & Barbaric With Zhork-Seth

December 14, 2015 by brennon

Ares Mythological have another mighty warrior in their 75mm collection. See what you make of the killer armed with axe and sword, Zhork-Seth. He's somewhat what I would assume Kratos would look like from God of War if he was from the far North of the world...


This is a stunning miniature sculpted by Laslo Forgach and the painting (I think) by Sergio Calvo. I love the stance with that surly grimace on his face as he stares down his foe. The work on the musculature and the mantle (more of which you will see below) also really add to the look.


I like that as well as his axe which is probably his trust go to weapon he also has that broad bladed sword for when he wants to be a bit more precise with his killing. It's always good to see Barbarians armed to the teeth.

Would you have a go at painting Zhork?

"The work on the musculature and the mantle also really add to the look..."

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