Fantasy Flight Unleash Monsters into the Horror of Arkham

March 14, 2012 by dracs

Fantasy Flight have released the second wave of painted monsters for use in games of Arkham Horror. Check out these gribbly beasties.

Fantasy Flight - Arkham Horror Painted Monster Set

These fairly nice pre-painted minis will add a whole other element of immersion to your games. Lets face it, seeing this giant horror approaching your character is a lot more scary than watching a piece of card advancing.

Fantasy Flight - Arkham Painted Monster

These minis also have a practical element as well as looking good. Their bases allow you to slot their stat cards in, while leaving the stats themselves clear for you to see.

Fantasy Flight - Arkham Horror Monsters Top Down

This means you can continue to keep track of what you are fighting and then still claim their card for your monster trophy.

Think this might be a useful addition to your own games? Think you might pick up a set?

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