15mm Cold War Gets Even Hotter With Armies Army New Kickstarter!

January 5, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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Calling all of you fans of our Team Yankee boot camp, remember how many of you wanted to see a British force assembled to play in this wonderful game? You wish has just been granted by the guys behind the Armies Army new Kickstarter, 15mm Cold War British and VDV Infantry and Armour Forces. They are attempting to get funding to help them bring their 3D masters and prints to life and make them available to us all.

In this Kickstarter they are looking to create British and Soviet forces and not only that but put them in cold weather gear.

VDV Sculpted Greens

This is an interesting turn of events as I never contemplated the war lasting that long, I thought for sure that the allies would route the Soviets back to the motherland, but I am a little biased and to which our learned friend Oriskany would debate vigorously.


Chieftain MBT Render

Anyhow, with this project they are looking to bring to reality several infantry and armour options to include the Chieftan tanks and if the funding goal is reached Challenger tanks.


ASU 85 - Master

Does this make you happy Tank God? The Soviets will be amassed from the VDV  ( Vozdushno-desantnye voyska), a Soviet Airborne Force.

I hope to see some more exciting updates as this project develops over the next 27 days or so. It looks like I might see some of my British allies hitting the table near me soon! I see big things ahead for all of us Team Yankee fans!

What is your favorite Cold War unit?

"I thought for sure that the allies would route the Soviets back to the motherland..."

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