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The Army Painter Show Off New D&D Themed Brush Set


The Army Painter continue their range of Dungeons & Dragons products with some themed brushes for those looking to get started painting their Heroes and Monsters. Here is the Nolzur’s Marvellous Brush Set which will be out later this year […]

Weekender: Greater Than Games’ Ace Collection & 80’s Cop Fun In Hard City


Welcome to The Weekender which features
us talking about all manner of interesting
tabletop topics including what’s new in the
world as well as chatting with
some ace guests as well.

The Army Painter Announces D&D Official Painting Series


The Army Painter has just announced that they are doing a Dungeons & Dragons Official Painting Series.

Army Painter Reveal Zombicide Green Horde Set For April


The Army Painter has another of their paint sets coming out in April to support Green Horde. Containing all of the paints you’ll need to add some colour to your undead greenskins this helps you along the way to a completed set!

Army Painter Guild Ball Kick Off! Sets Now Available


The Guild Ball Kick Off! Paint Set is now available for you to snap up from The Army Painter.

Army Painter Project Paint Station Coming December 2017


The Army Painter is looking to focus your attention on the Project Paint Station coming out from them in December 2017.

VLOG: The Army Painter Paint Rack


The Army Painter Pairs Guild Ball Kickoff! With Two Team Paint Set


The Army Painter release full details of their brand new Guild Ball Kickoff! paint sets

The Army Painter Announces Four Faction Paint Sets For Runewars


Pick up customised paint sets for all current factions in Runewars

Army Painter Send Your Minis Skipping Through Meadow Flowers


Army Painter have remade their Meadow Flower basing tufts and have now put them up for pre-order.

Learn To Paint The Daqan Of RuneWars With The Army Painter Guide


We had the Waiqar The Undying Guide not long ago from Fantasy Flight Games and The Army Painter and now they’ve put together a great tutorial on getting your Daqan force from RuneWars to the tabletop without much hassle!

Weekender XLBS: Hobby Night Live Plans Afoot & Flames of War 4th Edition Tournament Chat!


Weekender: Andy Chambers Unveils Warforged: First Contact & BoW Annual Awards Begin!


Join us for an awesome Weekender
packed with news, interviews and
the announcement of the BoW
Gaming Awards 2016.

Army Painter RuneWars Hobby Weekend Live Blog – Sunday

Army Painter RuneWars Hobby Weekend Live Blog – Saturday

Army Painter RuneWars Hobby Weekend Live Blog – Friday

We’re kicking things off with a bit of
building and painting today
as the Hobby Weekend
crew arrive…

VLOG: Army Painter & RuneWars Hobby Weekend Ahead


Runewars Boot Camp underway!

VLOG: Where Has Warren Been & Andy Chambers’ Secret Project


If you’ve been wondering where Warren has been lately, we have managed to find him and get him on camera to explain his absence plus why he is looking forward to the coming Weekender.

Weekender: Infinity Secrets To Be Revealed & Massive RuneWars Unboxing


We’re cracking open FFG’s RuneWars
and spilling the beans
on Infinity secrets!

The Army Painter RuneWars Hobby Weekend Tickets Now Available To All


Hobby Weekend at BoW HQ
31st March – 2nd April.

Weekender XLBS: What Historical Battles Should We Play & Box A Or Box B?


We dive into some Historical awesomeness
in today’s Weekender XLBS and much more
as we uncover how a Rorke’s Drift Battle
played out last weekend.