The Army Painter Team Have Fun With Handy Lasers!

September 8, 2014 by dracs

The Army Painter have come out with three new tools to help you with your gaming, and as we all know, the best way to do that is with lasers!

The first of the new releases is just a standard tape measure, that most essential tool of any gamer's arsenal.

Army Painter Tape Measure

The Army Painter have also released Warren's favourite gaming tool, a laser pointer to help you figure out line of sight issues and for charging any dice you need to roll.

Army Painter Markerlight

Army Painter Laser Pointer

Marker Lights like these, while not essential, do help to deal with any line of sight issues you come across.

But Army Painter haven't stopped at this when playing around with lasers, also coming out with a marker line that draws target lines across the table.

Army Painter Targetline Laser

Army Painter Targetline

This Targetlock line helps you to establish vehicle facings, what flank you're charging and various other such details when gaming.

These new accessories are a pretty useful set of tools, each providing a useful role in letting your games go more smoothly. All three of them will soon be available from The Army Painter store.

Do you ever make use of lasers for your games? Other than for shooting at each other, I mean.

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