The Army Painter Keep You Going Longer With New Wet Palette

September 24, 2019 by brennon

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The Army Painter are helping you in the fight to tackle that mountain of plastic with a Wet Palette which is going to be available in December of this year.

Wet Palette - The Army Painter

So, the palette comes with two pieces of hydro foam and fifty hydro sheets which give you plenty of sessions worth of painting goodness. For those not in the know about wet palettes, their key use is to keep your paint wet for longer to cut down on the amount you need to use and help in the process of blending and mixing too.

Here's the technical stuff...

Wet Palette Steps - The Army Painter

As well as the use as a wet palette the kit also comes with space for you to store up to six wargamer brushes or ten hobby brushes from The Army Painter range too. I don't really use wet palettes but when I have it has been quite a nice addition to the hobby arsenal. It meant that I could power through a lot more models at the RuneWars Hobby Weekend for sure!

Will you be adding this wet palette to your collection?

" has been quite a nice addition to the hobby arsenal"

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