The Animal Kingdom Goes to War on Kickstarter in Armymals

July 7, 2014 by dracs

Titan Forge are preparing to bring a new board game to Kickstarter this month, one in which the fur is going to fly as the animal kingdom goes to war in Armymals.


Armymals is a hexagon based strategic combat game featuring armies of animals (ah, now I see where they got the name) battling for supremacy. From the looks of it, you will be able to choose some particularly colourful characters as your generals.

Genghis Khen


However, while these character generals all seem inspired by historical figures, the game itself promises to contain animals in tanks. And I believe that sound you just heard was BoW John squeeing in delight.

Armymals Miniatures

At present we don't know many of the details of this new game, but the Kickstarter is slated to appear on July 18th when we should hopefully find out more of what to expect from it.

Fancy getting in on a battle of the beasties?

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