A Squeaky Mech Squirrel Stomps Over Armymals

July 15, 2014 by dracs

The Armymals Kickstarter will be marching out at the end of the week and at its head will march one of the most unusual mechs ever: behold the mighty Mechasquirrel!


Aww, isn't that the cutest killer critter that Titan Forge have ever made? Is that a robo tail sticking out of the back of it?

Titan Forge are coming out with a lot of rather imaginative creations for this game of critter combat. The Mechasquirrel is by far my favourite of the concepts we have seen so far. Still, it isn't a lone as it will have to face a selection of tanks on the battlefield.

Armymals Tanks

These tanks are brilliantly cartoony, with massive flared canons on their turrets. Still, I'm sure that squirrel will be able to deal with them, it has a drill after all.

Do you think you'll be chipping into the Armymals Kickstarter?

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