Artisan Dice Have Done It Again!

April 29, 2016 by stvitusdancern

OK, I know I have written about these amazing craftsmen before, but once in a while they still bring out something that makes me go wow!

This time around they show off a truly rare and decadent accessory for gaming. Are you ready? How about some Mammoth Ivory dice?

Yes, you read that right mammoth ivory that they have crafted into all of our favorite dice for all of our games. I am truly amazed on the different materials that Artisan Dice come up with to make some of the most beautiful dice in the world.

The dice polish nicely and look stunning in their own cedar case. The price tag will set you back quite a bit of your yearly gaming budget, but hey we only live once right? My only question is where do they get the ivory in the first place?

Would you get these dice if you could?

"Yes, you read that right mammoth ivory..."

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