Be The Talk Of The Game Club With Special Dice From Artisan

June 30, 2015 by stvitusdancern

You know how at times you feel like you have everything you could possibly need for gaming? Well, I bet you do not have a set of these really awesome dice made from American Bison (Buffalo) horn from Artisan Dice. These dice are a deep jet black with some marbling in them, there is no finish on them just a good buffing from a cotton buffing wheel.

American Bison Dice

The numbers are not painted on they are laser engraved, the gold colour comes from the heat of the laser that reacts with the horn and turns it a golden colour. These are just gorgeous, or in the words of our stalwart leader "stunning".

Yes, I know they are a tad costly, but for me they are just one of those items that makes you stand out in a crowd. I can imagine being the talk of your next gaming session as everyone will want a closer look.

American Bison

Just so everyone is not feeling sorry for the buffalo, here in the states there used to millions that roamed the plains, seas of them and they were almost brought to extinction with the advent of the railroad and large hunting parties.

Thankfully some were saved in our national parks and elsewhere, today many roam their traditional grazing lands and are being raised on ranches throughout the country, if you have never had a buffalo burger you are truly missing out. That is how Artisan Dice get their horn supply from ranched raised buffalo.

What would be that got to have buy?

"...imagine being the talk of your next gaming session..."

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