Artisan Guild Bring To Life Amazing Dwarf Miniatures!

September 29, 2015 by brennon

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Artisan Guild Miniatures are going to be working on a range of 28-32mm scale miniatures in heroic proportions. You know that I really love Dwarves so when I saw these I was totally smitten. See what you think of their range so far...

Wild Rangers

Heading out into the foothills we have these Dwarf Rangers with some very tidy looking kit. I love the fact that while they are certainly Fantasy based they have some very awesome gun-axes and a pistol with a hefty blade.

Dwarf Ranger Captain

Dwarf Rangers

I particularly like the look of the squad as a whole with their hoods, another superb addition to a Dwarf to make him look even more epic. I could see these fitting into Kings of War especially as leaders for units.


Armed with hammer, axe and shield the Warriors are another rather awesome looking unit of Dwarfs. I'm not too fond of the smaller buckler shields or the tower shield that the Captain is using but I think the rest is great.

Dwarf Warrior (Captain)

Dwarf Warriors

Once again this would work as a good unit of solid infantry for a large game or a warband in a smaller one.


Taking the faster approach into battle they have also created these Wulfhog Riders, a dangerous foe for anyone to come up against I'm sure. I like the stance of both beast and rider and they sit well in the saddle.

Dwarf Wulfhog Rider

Of all of the models that we've seen I think this is the best of the bunch. I'd love to see a lot more of these come together as a hefty cavalry option for Fantasy armies.

Ancient Trolls

Other deadly beasts exist in the wilds thanks to Artisan Guild too. If you want an enemy to face with your Dwarves then I could see this Wood Troll being quite the challenge...

Wood Troll (Close)

Wood Troll

Another fantastic and wonderfully well sculpted model. I think they've done some great work on his facial expressions to make him look feral but also with a glimmer of intelligence. I also approve of the slouch and loose arm hanging across his club, just thinking of a reason to smash his foes apart.

What do you think of their work so far?

"If you want an enemy to face with your Dwarves then I could see this Wood Troll being quite the challenge..."

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