Destroy Some Ogres With Artisan Guild’s New Hero

May 29, 2016 by brennon

Artisan Guild impressed us with their rather funky looking Dwarves. They have stepped things up with another hero by the name of Gino Ogresmasher...

Gino Ogresmasher #1

Gino here is a veteran of the battlefield and he forged the axe that he wields here himself. He also carries around that all important flash of ale for when he gets thirsty on the battlefield.

Of course we shouldn't avoid the rock-fist that also doubles up as a shield when he's battling those foes that stand a little bigger than he.

Gino Ogresmasher #2

You can see a better view of him here where we have a crushed Ogre underfoot - probably bought low by that axe, and then the HUGE keg that he is carting around on his back to make sure that the troops have the right sustenance before battle.

What do you think of their work?

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