Help Kickstart The Mechs Of Ashes: Dark Side Of The Moon

August 27, 2013 by brennon

Ashes: Dark Side of the Moon is a great looking tactical tabletop game coming out of China. See what you think of this game where the components and gameplay has been tweaked into something new!

Ashes Art

Ashes Board

Ashes is played using MAPs or Mobile Armour Platforms that can be assembled in a variety of ways. The models themselves are made of laser cut cardboard and can be put together with a mass of different weapon and armour options to tailor them to your style of play.

Laser Cut Components

This can range from the small and nippy to the massive hulking MAPs that take up masses of board space. As well as this custom setup for the miniatures themselves they also have a new Hit System which doesn't use dice but instead a board which you can see below.

Hit System

According to the Kickstarter this system might feel complex to begin with, with a variety of different variables effecting the hits and misses, but once you get used to it you will love it.

The game looks pretty smart and I like the idea of these very custom figures that can be changed between games. I think it would be good to see a gameplay video to help cement the mechanics of the game, something that might put people off right now.

Take a closer look and see what you think.

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