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VLOG: Expanding the Tau Empire


You may have seen our project blogs and wondered about our regular classic vlogs! Well, not to worry as we’re still keeping them coming. In this one we look into how we can expand our Warhammer 40,000 Tau army…how about apes, from SPAAAACE!

First Look: AT-43 First Impressions | AT-43


Darrell and Warren have a look over some AT-43

Unboxing: Cogs Army Box


We get AT-43 All fired up and unbox the Cogs Army box!

What’s In The Box: Red Blok Army Box


Unboxing: Kicking off our AT-43 coverage, John goes AT-43 nuts and unboxes the Army box for Red Blok that contains a fully painted and built 2000pt army ready to play!

What’s In The Box: Oni Army Box


Unboxing: John has a look through more AT-43, in this one he casts his eye over the Oni Factions Army Box.