Avatars of War Head into the Depths of the Dinosaur Jungle

May 16, 2012 by brennon

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Avatars of War may be focusing a lot of their attention onto the Apocalyptic Warriors of Chaos, but they are continuing their Arena Deathmatch project with a rather large Lizard...

Lizardman Head Close Up

Avatars of War Lizardman

Lizardman with Great Weapon

This is the latest Work-in-Progress shots of their massive Lizard Man drawing from influences in Aztec and other South American cultures. Weapons for this beast are still being worked on, but the overall consensus seems to be for a double bladed weapon. You can follow along with the design of this beast on their forums here.

As well as this there are whisperings of some Apocalyptic Dwarves on the horizon from Avatars of War.

Are you liking the look of this snarling lizard?

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