Avatars of War Begins a Bearded Kickstarter

May 28, 2012 by brennon

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Avatars of War have always been great for grabbing those awesome character models to take pride of place at the head of your army, but they are now moving into the world of full blown battalions.

It started with their Warriors of Apocalypse and now seems to be moving to the best thing ever (of course...) Dwarves!

Dwarf King

Armoured Dwarf Warrior

Armoured Dwarf Warrior with Double Axes

Dwarf Berserker

Dwarf Musician

Dwarf Standard Bearer

Dwarf Trooper

Dwarf with Ale

As you can see a fair amount of concept art has already been done for the stunty army but Avatars of War (and me!) want to see more. On their Kickstarter wishlist is the likes of Bear Cavalry, Valkyrie Female Dwarves, loads more special characters and even the basics of Warriors, Thunderers and Rangers.

While I get excited this could be an awesome addition to their Warthrone line and really push their world of Saga as an alternative system.

If their previous releases are anything to go by this is going to be a grand army that might just sap the money from my wallet. Just have to hope they reach their target!

What do you make of their Dwarven ambitions?

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