Corrupting Warriors and Dark Harpies from Avatars of War

August 27, 2012 by brennon

We knew the Dwarves were coming from Avatars of War, but what about the other factions? Well here is a sneak peek at some other models making their way into the world of Warthrone...

Corrupters of Apocalypse


Above are the newest addition to the Apocalypse side, the Corrupters and some rather fuzzy looking Harpies. The Corrupters are obviously a great fit for those Nurgle themed armies, and I quite like the design. They look like they will be a lot easier to rank up than the previous Apocalypse warriors!

It's harder to tell with the Harpies but I'm sure we will see some painted versions soon!

Are you looking forwards to the Apocalypse?

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