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Half-Orc Evaine Next To Take A Swing At Ax Faction


Ax Faction have announced the next model they will be releasing; an axe wielding half-orc named Evaine the Slayer.

Ax Faction Continue To Bring Fantastic Ideas To The Table


While Ax Faction may no longer be selling their models they do have some neat ideas up their sleeves. One such piece is this entitled Susie’s Addicted to Gin.

Ax Faction Announces It Is Closing


This weekend came some sad news from Ax Faction.

Does Ax Faction’s Steampunk Cowgirl Win The Wild West?


Ax Faction have now released the next of their 32mm scale resin collectors miniatures, the Steampunk Cowgirl. Where does she fit into the ‘Hunter’ series though? Well, this lady is their Bandit and Mech Hunter…

Ax Faction Shows Us A Limited Edition Nemesis Miniature


Ax Faction gives us a look into one pretty tough dude, with the Nemesis.

Weekender XLBS: Halo Ground Combat Game & More!



The Union’s Minx Takes To The Guild Ball Field


Steamforged Games have added the rather fantastic Minx for The Union to their webstore in metal. She was a collaborative effort for Guild Ball with Ax Faction and is looking rather spiffing…

Ax Faction Summon The Ant Queen From The Underdark


Ax Faction have delved into the Underdark for one of their upcoming releases which is the deadly Drow known as the Ant Queen…

Ax Faction Head To The Wild West With New Steampunk Cowgirl


Ax Faction are jumping all over the place when it comes to their worlds and realms for models. This time they’ve teased us with the artwork for their new Steampunk Cowgirl. She might be more ‘sexy’ than ‘sheriff’ but a lot of people seem to already chomping at the bit for the release…

Bloody Dot From Ax Faction Will Patch Up Your Wounds


Ax Faction have added another character to their upcoming Defenders Line and this time it’s the Cleric of the party with Bloody Dot who is an Elf not only ready to fix up your wounds but maybe even give you a few too.

Defend The Local Tavern With Blocker & Pivot From Ax Faction


Another of the new Defenders has popped up from Ax Faction in artwork form called Blocker & Pivot. This Dwarf and Fox combo look like a lot of fun if nothing else!

A Lady Half-Orc Goes Adventuring As Ax Factions’ Next Defender


The Lady Half-Orc known as Evaine The Slayer is going to be the very first Defender for Ax Faction and she is on the sculpting bench right now. Before that though we have a glimpse of her artwork…

Ax Faction Find A Nemesis For The Other Hunters


Go hunting with the Nemesis who will be part of the Series 3 collection by Ax Faction. Check out the artwork in full within…

Ax Faction Sculpt Their Salute Orc


Ax Faction have shown off the WiP sculpt for their limited edition orc miniature Jack the Hack who will be turning them into Orc Faction at this year’s Salute.

Ax Faction Become Orc Faction with Salute Release


Ax Faction have announced that they will become Orc Faction for this year’s Salute as they release their new orc bruiser Jack the Hack.

Ax Faction’s Siegebreaker Skuld Gets Separate Release


Ax Faction have released Skuld, one of their Seigebreaker set, as an individual miniature, letting you make use of her natural talent with weapons.

Protect Your Labyrinth As New Minotaur Now Available From Ax Faction


The full Serve & Protect Minotaur has been revealed in all his glory. What do you make of this massive warrior now you’ve seen him in full?

Ax Faction Tease Serve & Protect Minotaur Coming March 20th!


Ax Faction protect their labyrinth with the coming of the Serve & Protect Minotaur who no doubt is very annoyed you stole all his treasure.

Ax Faction Bring Down Castles With Their Siegebreaker Team!


Ax Faction have taken to the castle barricades and will be taking the siege to the enemy with their new trio of heroes. Which of them is your favourite?

Ax Faction Think About Giving a Kraken Hunter a Sniper Rifle


Ax Faction have published a concept sketch showing a new variant for their Victorian Darling Kraken Hunter, kitting her out with a steampunk sniper rifle.

Ax Faction’s New Line Of Minis, The Siegebreakers!


See what you think of this new range of miniatures from Ax Faction that will be coming out next year. Do you need a castle breaking down? Call the Siegebreakers!

Ax Faction Off To The Jungle With The Lizardman Hunter!


Head off into the jungle with the Lizardman Hunter from Ax Faction called Lacerta!

Ax Faction Call Upon the Fey in Their Latest Concept


Ax Faction have shown off a new piece of concept art for their series 3 range of The Hunted, calling upon the mighty power of the Fey to bring the forest itself to life.

Ax Faction’s Upcoming Mighty Minotaur Serves & Protects


It’s time for more from Ax Faction and this time they’re going to be adding to their Serve & Protect line with the massive Minotaur and Slave Girl!

Ax Faction’s Lizardman Hunter Gets Her Hair Done for the Sculpt


Ax Faction have put up our first glimpse of the work on their upcoming Lizardman Hunter sculpt.

Ax Faction’s Next Hunter Goes After Lizardmen


Another beautiful female hunter is being sculpted by Ax Faction. This time the lovely lady is named Lacerta, and she is going hunting for some lizardmen.

The Urban Monster Hunter Starts Slaying For Ax Faction


Ax Faction send out the big monster hunters once more with the Urban Hunter sitting astride her newest kill. Is this a new painting project waiting to be taken up?

Ax Faction’s Ogre Dominator Drags Her Catch Out In Chains


Ax Faction have showed off a whole bunch of images for their Ogre Dominator set which is now available to pick up!

Ax Faction Sketch Up Their Newest Big Game Hunter


Grab your sword and start slaying some more monsters with the hunters of Ax Faction.

Hurry to Salute or Miss Ax Faction’s Limited Edition Mini


Ax Faction have revealed their much anticipated Limited Edition miniature that they will be bringing with them to Salute; the Highland Ranger and her trusty canine companion.

Cast a Vote for Ax Faction’s Latest Concepts


Ax Faction have put up two new smoldering pieces of concept art and they want to know which one tickles your fancy more.

Guild Ball’s Alchemists Begin Concocting Potions!


What do you make of the potion chugging Alchemists and the deadly Lycan Hunter Minx?

Hare Off After Ax Faction’s Released Druid’s Daughter


When you are pestered by Gnolls, filthy, hyena-like creatures wanting nothing more than to kill you, there is only one thing to do. Hunt them down while riding a giant hare! At least that’s what Ax Faction’s Druid’s Daughter does.

Ax Faction Go Hopping Mad For Their Druid’s Daughter


What do you make of Ax Faction’s next epic rider? This awesome Hare riding Druid’s Daughter is next in the line-up.

Hunt Wargs With Ax Faction’s Northfjorder Warrior


Ax Faction have roared into action and provided you with another hunter, the Warg slayer, The Northfjorder. See what you think of him within!

Ax Faction Go For a Close Look At Their Painted Feral Lass


Ax Faction have had their new miniature the prehistoric Feral Lass beautifully painted up and are showing her off as much as possible. In fact they are showing off quite a lot of her.

Ax Faction Show Off Their Mighty Axe


Ax Faction have put out a preview image showing off a pretty cool looking axe, but just what could it mean?

Ax Faction’s Feral Lass Finally Charges Into Battle!


See what you think of this mounted Feral Lass that has arrived from Ax Faction!

Ax Faction’s Zombie Hunter Returns to Deal With the Undead


When it comes to hunting zombies forget bringing a cricket bat, what you need is a massive axe. Luckily Ax Faction’s Zombie Hunter is back in stock.

Ax Faction’s Mighty Heroines Tame Some Ogres!


Would you mess around with a Norsewoman Dominator who can tame an Ogre?

Ax Faction’s Grizzled Vet Rides Out To Hunt Bugbears!


Take to the hunt with the Grizzled Vet, the fifth miniature on the way from Ax Faction.

A Noble Lass Rides Into The World Of Ax Faction


Ax Faction are showing off another of their mounted hunters with the rather deadly looking Noble Falconer…