Ax Faction Think About Giving a Kraken Hunter a Sniper Rifle

January 16, 2015 by dracs

Ax Faction have published a concept sketch showing a new variant for their Victorian Darling Kraken Hunter, kitting her out with a steampunk sniper rifle.

Victorian Darling Steam Sniper

It's funny how the addition of one highly stylised steampunk weapon cane turn the full model from plain Victorian romance into a steampunk character who would not look out of place in games such as Wolsung SSG and Malifaux.

Victorian Darling

The Kraken Hunter is a particularly nice sculpt of Ax Faction's, especially with the mechanical tentacles which form the base. Personally, I think the option to include a steam powered sniper rifle is cool addition to the model, and adds more opportunities for inclusion in gaming.

Do you prefer this sculpt with the sniper rifle or the harpoon?

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