Ax Faction Get The Mead In With Friar Gam & Chutney the Cherub

December 24, 2012 by brennon

If you're looking to have a little bit of a shindig then don't forget to invite Friar Gam & Chutney the Cherub from Ax Faction. These two will be coming next year alongside the Orc Hunter we saw last week...

Friar Gam & Chutney the Cherub #1

Friar Gam & Chutney the Cherub #2

As you can see from his full title and vocation listed in the second image he is a Ghost Chaser. I reckon that mighty mallet of his must be imbued with some powerful divine magic. Plus it's probably useful for crushing the undead that infest his graveyard.

He certainly looks like he's going to be a fun miniature and alongside the Zombie Hunter that's now two males for their range.

Would you go drinking with him?

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