Ax Faction’s Feral Lass Finally Charges Into Battle!

October 9, 2013 by brennon

Ax Faction have finally got one of their epic riders out onto the battlefield. Gracing your painting table this month will be the awesome looking Feral Lass mounted on a gnarly looking Stag. See what you think of this warrior woman...

Feral Lass with Stag #1

Feral Lass


Feral Lass with Stag #2

I think they have done a sterling job on this sculpt and both the rider and the mount look brilliant to me. She doesn't look quite as animated as I thought she should be, the concept art showed it in a bit more of a running state, but very awesome just the same.

The Stag is a mighty steed too and I like that you can swap out the riders to match them to whatever you think fits best. A good start though Ax Faction!

Will you be riding with this hunter?

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