Ax Faction’s Ogre Dominator Drags Her Catch Out In Chains

July 28, 2014 by brennon

Ax Faction have another rather cool miniature set for you to pick up, the Ogre Dominator. What do you make of both the artwork and indeed the rather hulking model that comes with it and is out now!

The Ogre Dominator (Art)

First up lets take a look at the art for the Ogre Dominator. This shows you a little bit more of the miniature and indeed some of the sections that are harder to pick up on the miniature itself like the Norse womans armour. This should give you a guide as to how to paint this hunter and her prize!

The Ogre Dominator (Front)

The Ogre Dominator (Side #1)

The Ogre Dominator (Side #2)

This is quite the cool set in my opinion and I like both the Ogre and the Norse Hunter standing upon his hand. The Ogre has some neat muscle features and would be great for trying out a whole lot of different skin textures. He even has a brand on his shoulder to mark him as one of the dominated!

As you can see, maybe it's only the pictures, but the actual 'cat suit' of the Norse Hunter is hard to make out so the artwork helps in that regard. Interestingly any one of the Hunter range will fit into the palm of this Ogres hand but I think this ones clearly the best fit.

Does this look like a vignette you'd pick up?

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