Ax Faction’s Upcoming Mighty Minotaur Serves & Protects

October 23, 2014 by brennon

Ax Faction have teased this range for a few weeks but we're soon going to be seeing the first miniatures in their Serve & Protect line coming up soon. The first of these was the Ogre Dominator but it will soon be joined by the Minotaur & Slave Girl...

Minotaur Protector

As you can see the Minotaur is decidedly less subservient when compared to the Ogre that we saw in the past. This time you're getting a rather dynamic looking warrior. It would be neat if the slave girl was separate from the piece so you could potentially use the Minotaur on his own if you wanted to. I think that would be a neat addition.

I can't wait to see what they do with the miniature and the painting on this should be quite the marvelous sight.

Would you pick this up?

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