Hunt Wargs With Ax Faction’s Northfjorder Warrior

December 12, 2013 by brennon

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Ax Faction have taken a bit of time over this one but the mounted Northfjorder is now available from their webstore as one of the additional mounted hunters in their ever growing range.

The Northfjorder (Front)

The Northfjorder (Rear)

As you can see here he has been mounted on the back of a rather angry looking bear so he can hunt down Wargs at his leisure. This is a bit of a monster at 52mm tall when you include the bear, but it all scales to 32mm ranges out there.

I'd love to see this guy painted and while I think the way he's sitting on the back of the bear is a bit odd, I suppose it had to be so each of the hunters could sit on it differently.

A good addition to the Ax Faction line-up?

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