The Urban Monster Hunter Starts Slaying For Ax Faction

September 23, 2014 by brennon

Ax Faction have released their newest monster hunter onto their webstore, the Urban Monster Hunter. As the tag line suggests she will 'smash yer 'kin face'. Such a nice charming lady...

Urban Monster Hunter (Front)

Urban Monster Hunter (Top Down)

Urban Monster Hunter (Side)

The miniature is a two piece set with the base and 'hunter' as one piece with the sword being the separate component. It's certainly not one of those miniatures that you'd be using on the tabletop for anything, this is purely a painting project.

There's plenty of detail to work with and I think it would be cool to see what someone could achieve with washes and shading across both the defeated beast and the hunter herself. Let's hope we see some painted versions soon!

Serve & Protect Project

This twisted image also appeared on their website called Serve and Protect. Here you see a twisted demonic looking woman in two forms. What they're looking at I don't know but watch this space!

Is this a new project waiting to happen for you?

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