Join A Band Of Gnomes For Skirmish Wargaming Fun

July 23, 2014 by brennon

Band of Gnomes is a new skirmish wargame coming out of ADW Games and sees you casting illusions, summoning creatures and tricking your opponents with some rather cool looking miniatures!

Band of Gnomes

The game rules and the story behind the game have been worked on by Andrea Sfiligoi who wrote the Song of Blades & Heroes skirmish rules and has had a lot off success. The game sounds fun, drawing on the mystical world of Gnomes, and the artwork looks grand too.

Band of Gnomes Book

The rules for the game are indeed sorted and the real meat of the project lies with the production of the miniatures. They have plans for a whole bunch of Gnomes and pieces of terrain too that you can summon to the battlefield or warp to your needs.

Band of Gnomes Concept

Band of Gnomes Miniature #1

Band of Gnomes Miniature #2

As I mentioned above the artwork is amazing for the game and the miniatures, while quite cute, don't quite measure up as well I don't think. I think the little gnome is quite cool but the rabbit doesn't seem as cool as the one in the concept art. The scale is 28mm so I think these guys shouldn't be afraid of making the miniatures a little larger so they can work more detail into things.

What do you think?

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