Build Your Underhive With Bandua Wargames

April 12, 2018 by brennon

Bandua Wargames are building up a massive collection of component parts for you to build your Underhive tabletops. This new set of terrain will be available at Salute and you can also snag it from their webstore too.


The terrain can be assembled in all manner of different ways, offering up a chance to build its walls, pipes, doors and more into interesting configurations on the tabletop. All of it is pre-coloured and modular too.


The sets themselves break down into three over on their online store. You can either build up a Sector, Area or Territory. Each of these takes just one of these packs and adds more to it each time so you can eventually fill out a 6x4 tabletop.

Underhive Effects - Bandua Wargames

It does look rather good when you see the miniatures running around on it and with the added bit of flare the Bandua guys put into the presentation it is rather evocative.

Underhive Effects (Alt) - Bandua Wargames

Here is a look at the miniatures in the terrain without the effects so you can see the scale of everything and how it would look to you as a gamer.


What do you make of what they've been tinkering with here? We think, considering its pre-coloured, it looks rather good indeed and provides you with an easy way to build up a tabletop quickly.

Let us know your thoughts below...

"...provides you with an easy way to build up a tabletop quickly"

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