Bandua Take The Hassle Out Of Basing With New Pre-Painted Designs

September 8, 2017 by brennon

If basing really isn't your thing, but you like the idea of having a cohesive force on the tabletop, take a look at this new collection from Bandua which contains Pre-Coloured Bases ready to simply stick your troops onto.

Pre-Painted Bases #1

The base selection ranges from 25mm all the way up to 60mm and more alternative basing styles for monsters, vehicles, cavalry and more. While they have been talked about as Pre-Painted on their website it appears more like this is a technique where the designs have been stuck to the bases instead.

We'll show off more of the designs on the infantry sets for now so you can get a feel for the different environments they cover already.

Pre-Painted Bases #2

Pre-Painted Bases #3

A lot of the focus has gone towards creating bases which have an industrial feel to them and this works nicely with some of the other buildings that Bandua has in its collection. However, you will also find more natural textures thrown into the mix from alien planets and beyond.

Pre-Painted Bases #5

For example, above you have the surface of a Martian planet and then below we also have the snowy textures of an ice world.

Pre-Painted Bases #7

These designs are then carried over into the alternative bases sizes as mentioned previously including these which would be good for bikes...

Alternative Bases Sizes

...and then these larger bases which work for your monsters, flyers and potentially tanks too if you'd prefer to base them as well.

Large Oval Bases

This seems like it would be a good idea for someone new getting into the hobby as, while at a slightly increased cost, you could base an entire army with a similar theme quite quickly.

What do you think of the idea?

" will also find more natural textures thrown into the mix from alien planets and beyond"

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