Bandua Show Off Awesome Infinity Black Market Terrain Set

January 28, 2017 by brennon

Bandua has been working away on an awesome set of terrain for use with the world of Infinity. See what you think of the pre-painted and texturized Black Market terrain set which will available from February 2nd.


The set will consist of a number of different elements with the main focus being a selection of buildings.


There are two different types of, what they call, Q-Buildings which can be assembled together or separately to create a range of small and large structures.


As mentioned above all the designs and what you see here will be present on the models making them ready and raring to hit the tabletop for some Sci-Fi action.

Another big aspect of this set is that it will also feature some Street Signs which will be made out of acrylate and MDF.


These are great and helpful in bringing the world of Infinity to life on the tabletop. When you're not fighting in the streets normal people are walking around them going about their daily life.

Tokens and more will be on the way to adding to the collection of Infinity awesomeness by Bandua.

Will you be keeping an eye out for these pieces?

"Another big aspect of this set is that it will also feature some Street Signs..."

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