Bandua Show Off Fatma’s Tear, An Infinity Interplanetary Terrain Bundle

July 18, 2017 by brennon

Collecting together a selection of their terrain, Bandua has assembled Fatma's Tear, a new terrain bundle to celebrate the upcoming Infinity Interplanetary event which is happening this summer.

Interplanetary Bundle #1

The table packs together a whole bunch of buildings and other scatter terrain pieces which will help build you a nice gaming table themed after a Haqqislam settlement. In the bundle you get...

  • 1x Mosque & Minaret
  • 1x North Africa Village (7x different buildings)
  • 2x Twelve Chemical and Wood Containers (24x containers)
  • 2x Two Radioactive containers
  • 2x Big Radioactive Container
  • 1x Industry Of Murder Industrial Junk B
  • 2x RDS Radar
  • 2x Hexagrid Powercells

It does seem like a nice big package of stuff, and if you were looking for a way to build a tabletop all in one go this certainly hits the nail on the head. More of these packs are on the way so keep an eye out.

Interplanetary Bundle #2

It will be fun to see if these themed tabletops come together as part of the Interplanetary tournament too. You might end up playing on some high-end tournament play landscapes!

What do you think to the bundle?

"More of these packs are on the way so keep an eye out..."

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