Holy Smokes! It’s a WizKids Batman Game!

November 21, 2012 by brennon

WizKids have previewed an interesting new idea for a strategy game based in the Batman universe. Check out their game and see what you think, is this what you've been looking for from the caped crusader?

Batman Gotham City Strategy Game

The Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game uses some new, hand painted HeroClix figures and has you taking on the guise of one of four villains from the DC world. You must then fight for control of Gotham, fighting your other villainous leaders and of course Batman himself.



The villains are The Penguin (who you can see above), The Joker, Killer Croc and Two Face. Each come with their own miniature and HeroClix dial that allows your criminal mastermind to be leveled up through a series of different plots and ploys.

Each of them also plays very differently, giving an asymmetric nature to the gameplay. This is encouraging as it prompts people to go back and play with the different villains, swapping between games.

It certainly sounds appealing, but we shall see!

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