The Animated Series Batman & More Strike From Knight Models

December 4, 2015 by brennon

Knight Models have now added the first of their Animated Series Batman models to their website for the Miniatures Game of the same name. If you loved this show during your childhood then you're going to be utterly won over by these pieces.

Animated Series

This cartoon was awesome and I picked up so many bumper packs of VHS tapes for this. I think I still have them somewhere.

Animated Batman

This is a massive kick in the nostalgia centre of the brain and I love how they've not messed with the style of the cartoon. The second of these characters is the famous Catwoman who is also in her classic gear.

I had all of these characters as action figures at one point or another and it would be awesome to find some time to paint these.

Animated Catwoman

I was liking the look of the Arkham and Nolan Batmans but this is the style of Batman that I was really looking forward to seeing. I can't wait to see the other characters come to life. Maybe we'll see the character from Mask Of The Phantasm!

Heroes & Villains

Following on from those characters we have some heroes and villains in the Arkham style. See what you think of Black Manta firstly who is the arch-enemy of Aquaman. He has incredible strength, powerful armour and weapons as well as powers which can cancel out some of Aquaman's abilities.

Black Manta

Black Manta looks rather quirky and odd which fits in well with the oddity of Aquaman; a fitting enemy. As a counter to the villains from today we have a rather awesome looking heroine in the form of Katana.


Katana is a dangerous swords-woman who has a blade called Soultaker which actually claims the souls of its enemies. These souls can be reincarnated by the user of the sword to fight for them whether they wanted to or not.

Clambering into a battlesuit we also have the Riddler mounted up and ready for a scuffle with Batman and Catwoman in Arkham. I thought this boss fight was a bit of a weak one but he certainly looks cool.

Riddler's Mech

...and to cap things off we have some smaller foes in the form of the Militia Gatling Brute who will murder Batman when he accidentally reveals himself from stealth.

Militia Gatling Brute

Phew. That is quite an awesome array of models for you to pick up for the game. I think you know which my favourite models are from this haul!

Which is your favourite?

"Stepping into the fight for the Animated Series we have Batman first of all. You can see him here in his iconic pose wearing the grey and black..."

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