The Arkham Knight & Scarecrow New From Knight Models

October 13, 2015 by brennon

Knight Models have now released the miniatures for this month to join their growing roster of Batman Miniatures Game models. See what you think of a whole bunch of crazies including Scarecrow and The Wonderland Gang amongst others...

Gangs Of Gotham

The first two sets that we're going to look at ones that we've seen in the previews last week. Scarecrow's Militia are a deadly group and Scarecrow himself is looking awesome in his long trench coat and hood with the ruined face beneath it.

Scarecrow & Militia

Following on from that grim face of fear and death we have the Wonderland Gang who look veritably enchanting next to Scarecrow. They have a very different look to some of the other range, drawing more on that cartoon comic look, which has led some people to grumble as to how they'll fit into the rest of the range.

Wonderland Gang

I think they will be good for adding a splash of colour to the game and obviously the gang itself are going to be something different for Batman and his pals to face.

Foes Of The Bat

As well as the gangs coming together there are some individuals who have a score to settle with Batman and at one time or another might have considered themselves allies of his. See what you think of the Arkham Knight...

Arkham Knight

...who is running forward to take on the Batman. I think that his helmet could do with a little bit more detail (IF you had the fine detail brush and steady hand for it) to try and represent the digital array there. They also have a comic book version of Talia Al Ghul.

Talia Al Ghul

Last but not least there is a single model for boosting the power of the bad guys when under the control of the likes of the Arkham Knight and Scarecrow. The Militia Brute is ready to start smashing apart his foes and shocking them into submission.

Militia Brute

Do you think he's going to be challenge enough for Batman? They were certainly a bit of a pain to deal with when it came to the video game.

Have you ordered any of these new models?

"See what you think of the Arkham Knight..."

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