New Batman Miniatures Game Rulebook Coming Soon!

November 17, 2014 by brennon

The folks at Knight Models have got us rather excited about Batman The Miniatures Game and the new rulebook that's coming our way. We've been thinking up tabletops, terrain and all sorts...

Batman Miniatures Game Rulebook

It's certainly sounds like it will be a step in the right direction for Knight Models and to have a proper solid rulebook to work from is a good start. The cover art is pretty impressive for a start.

Page Preview #1

Page Preview #2

We got a few snippet previews of the rulebook a while back and it does have that nice glossy look to it inside. What's more is that it's going into detail on a lot of the different parts of the Batman background for those wanting to swot up and it's showing off some impressive painted miniatures when needed.

The real question really is whether or not you're going to be on the side of Batman and the Gotham PD or if you're going to side with The Joke, Two-Face and the rest of those Arkham nut jobs!

We'll give you some delicious internet cookies if someone puts together an awesome Bane vs Batman scenario once the full rulebook launches.

Are you going to be heading to Gotham when this comes out?

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