Back To The Beginning With Batman Arkham Origins

December 31, 2013 by brennon

Knight Models aren't just taking on the world of Middle-Earth this month. They have also revealed the Arkham Origins models for Batman and Bane's Crew. Will you be taking on the back breaking beast?

Arkham Origins Batman

Arkham Origins Bane's Crew

Arkham Origins is the latest in the franchise of video games and sees Batman taking on a whole host of assassins that are hunting him down over the Christmas period. This is also a game where Batman takes on a more brutal role and is less tempered by his experiences with other villains.

Maybe this is something that could be reflected in any rules for Batman at this period. Either way Bane is quite the deadly enemy and the models are looking great. Now we just need to see Deathstroke!

What do you think?

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