Is Black Mask Stepping Out of Knight Mode to Take On Batman?

October 1, 2014 by dracs

Knight Models seem to be hinting that the next villain to try their hand at taking down the Dark Knight in the Batman Miniatures Game will be none other than the mask obsessed mob boss known as Black Mask.

Black Mask

Roman Sionis, aka Black Mask, is one of Gotham City's most powerful mob bosses, distinguished by a fascination with false faces and his own distinctive mask. This was made from the wood of his father's black coffin and ended up seared to his face after a run in with the Batman.

The still above shows the villain as he appeared in the Arkham Origins video game, suggesting Knight Models will be continuing with their practice of basing the characters of the miniatures game upon their designs from the Arkham series.

While I think he made a mediocre villain in that game (especially considering the twist near the end), his design is undoubtedly cool and it will be interesting to see what Knight Models do with him and his gang.

Will you join up with Black Mask? Is there a Batman villain you really want to see as a miniature, or any other superhero for that matter?

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