Bring Gotham To Its Knees With Knight Models

April 13, 2013 by brennon

Knight Models have been busy letting more prisoners out of Blackgate and Arkham with their current release for the Batman Miniatures Game. Check out The Riddler, Sickle and plenty more!

The Riddler


First up we have the aforementioned duo ready to spread havoc for whatever cause they see fit to follow. Sickle was of course one of The Joker's lackeys and I'm sure he would have paid off these next fellows to fight for him.

Joker's Clowns II

Blackgate Prisoners

Joker's Clowns and the Black Gate Prisoners will now be running riot in the streets of Gotham doing as much damage as possible. The only way to shut down this ruckus before it gets out of hand is to send in the police.

Commissioner Gordon & Swat Team

When Batman isn't available then Commissioner Gordon and his SWAT team will stand in and take down those dastardly criminals. I've always wanted my very own little Gary Oldman for the tabletop!

What do you think of this latest wave of releases?

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