The Court Of Owls Comes Together For Knight Model’s Batman

June 11, 2015 by brennon

The Court of Owls for The Batman Miniatures Game by Knight Models are now out. See what you think of the full set of them below...

The Court of Owls (Set)

The Court of Owls is a group of deadly assassins that haunt the streets of Gotham. They have a fantastic look to them and I know a lot of people are rather giddy at the prospect of bringing this cadre of killers onto the tabletop.

William Cobb & The Gotham Butcher

As well as the look at the whole flock of Owls above there is a more detailed look at William Cobb who is at the front there looking like he is about to leap down and stab you with those twin blades...

William Cobb - Court Of Owls

According to the fluff Cobb is THE Talon and he really, really likes killing Waynes. He is a reanimated assassin and weirdly enough also Dick Grayson's Great Grandfather - just to rub it in a bit more when he comes to kill you.

The Gotham Butcher is another of the big main characters in The Court of Owls. He is decidedly more brutal looking than the other assassins but sometimes the more full on approach is the best one.

Gotham Butcher

I really like the look of The Court of Owls as a range and I could see them becoming one of the most favourite factions in the game.

Firefly & Hush

As well as them we have two extra characters for Batman which include Firefly and Hush. If you want some more alternative characters for the game then look no further. Hush is certainly there to give you the psychotic edge...



All fantastic models for a steadily growing game...

What do you think about the Court of Owls?

"He is a reanimated assassin and weirdly enough also Dick Grayson's Great Grandfather..."

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